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Mbok, must you torture me so?

So I managed to snag my all-time dream dress, and I am eternally greatful for that. I've been browsing Mbok to see if there are some other items I might want too if I can afford them. Strangely enough there are very few. However, the ones I do want are at least two other major dream pieces that I just can't afford, that are both available for prices I've never seen them go for before D=



On a brighter note, I had my first mid-term today and I think it actually went fairly well.
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Dream Dress continueD

I got it I got it I got it!! *does several happy dances*

This beauty: shall be mine! ^_^ (well if everything goes all right with shipping *fingers crossed*)
I wasn't sure I should be buying something so expensive right now but this was pretty much a once in several years kind of opportunity and I couldn't pass on it knowing I could afford it ^^;

Here's to hoping it'll fit me! xD
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Dream Dress

I just posted a bid for an auction of one of the few dresses I can truly call a dream dress, wish me luck!

(As in, I quite literally fell in love with this dress the moment I saw it. I don't even really care it might not fit me, I'll make me fit it or it fit me sómehow! xD)

Just wanted to share this, very quickly, haven't been on LJ a lot lately due to an awful lot of school work. How's everyone doing?


P.S. when filling in my location, I just realized that this is the first post I'm not making from my old bedroom. I moved to a new city to go to the university college there and I'm in my room over there during the week.
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Oh happy day

I'm about 20 minutes into my birthday and after a long day of moving and mishaps with another day to come  I'm sitting alone in my parent's house watching TV while dear boyfriend is in Hong Kong without any way of talking to me.

I've had worse birthdays sadly >_<


So, how's all your weekends going?
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A random positive note

 Hey y'all,

I haven't been posting here a lot lately, which I think is partly due to the fact I feel like no one reads it anyway (not that I write for anyone other than myself but it just feels kinda pointless posting it on the interwebs for this reason).

But, I wanted to share a nice thing that just happened to me ^_^. Recently I've been pretty MIA from the LJ communities as you may, or may not have posted. Including the secrets communities due to spending my weekends elsewhere. To be honest I kind of missed, so, being stuck with myself for about three more weeks (at least I'm halfway) I decided to try and come back for a bit.

And while I was perusing gyaru_secrets, I was mentioned in a secret. This happened once before and it scared the crap out of me because most secrets tend to be negative (sadly) but once again it was a positive secret! (You might think it odd that the only time I turn up in the communities it's in the secrets communities but honestly those are just the ones I'm most active at xD)

So anon, whoever you are, thank you for making my day that was turning out to be a bit shitty ^_^

Hope you have a great sunday whoever is still reading this =)

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Sillyness and school (couldn't help myself)

In 2011, Chetanlaiho resolves to...
Give up reading.
Connect with my inner supernatural.
Eat more criminal minds.
Go writing three times a week.
Tell my family about keaunu reeves.
Find a new metal.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

Okay I stole this from Sparklewolfie xD Better late than never huh? Definitely not giving up reading though, and I think my family has heard enough about Keanu Reeves xD I agree with the supernatural, writing and metal though ;)

In other far less important news, I passed my secondary school exams ^^ I know I haven't written in ages but now that the exams and their accompanying stress are in the past I hope to return swiftly.

On another note, I just got back from three days in London, which were awesome but really, really tiring and at times frustrating. I suppose that's only natural if you try to get a midweek's activities into three days, and if you keep six girls within speaking distance of eachother for three days straight (I get real grumpy if I don't get some alone time).

And maybe it'd be nice to explain why I've been so absent on the internets as of late, because while I usually spend my weekends on such lovely places as the egl_comm_sales and loli_secrets, I have been spending them at my wonderful new guy's place as of late (the last three months or so). I do miss it and the few live journal friends I've managed to accumulate though so I shall attempt to restore my presence on here during the week ^_^ that's it for this week folks, hope you're all having a wonderful summer ♥
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Omg I can't believe it!

 Forgive me for giving up my usual not-really-eloquentness but seriously Oh My God! xD

As some of you may know I'm a pretty avid reader of Loli_secrets (most of you probably know me from there, I think it's the comm I'm most active at ^^;) and I was actually always kind of afraid I'd end up there because most of the secrets are pretty negative. But this week I was just scrolling through the secrets as usual and my own icon showed up! (Seriously I thought it was one of those html tricks that just uses your own username or icon).

Thank you so so much, I don't have a clue who you are but I hope I can live up to your expectations ^_^

(I actually just read it after making a rather bitchy comment to another secret so it feels really weird ^^;) I actually once dreamt (well nightmare but you know, there's no verb for that) that I'd end up in getoffegl or something, but it feels so awesome to see the opposite come true!

I can't thank you enough, whoever you are =) seriously words cannot express how happy this makes me!
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So it's 2.12 am here...

...And I'm waiting to hear from my shopping service, what are y'all up to? xD

I suppose that's the one good thing about not being able to use your paypal account for three months, afterwards you can have a spree =D.

I should get some sleep >_<

And yes I haven't posted in a long time I'm sorry D= there's no real excuse but now I at least got the @#$@# final research paper out of the way so I should be back =D?
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Stress and sickness? I'm too tired to come up with a witty subject line.

I'm afraid I'm making a habit of posting as a form of procrastinating ^^; feeling halfway sick isn't helping matters either

So next week is Testweek at my (not-so-) lovely little school, and boy am I looking forward to it! I have frikkin' EIGHT tests, that is |twice| as much as I had in the last testweek, I swear the schedule-maker-people at my school just sleep all day =/

Not to mention two of them are German tests and I haven't had a proper German class in, two and half years now? So yea, that'll be fun. Plus I haven't got anything for my French oral exam either which is on tuesday and has to last 10 minutes.

Sad part is this is actually quite normal for me regarding testweeks, I actually started 'early' compared to usual by reading a bit in the week before the actual testweek V_V

For one German tests we have to read six stories, all of which are about the aftermath of World War I, as a result of them all being 'nie wieder'!'-ish they have turned out to be horribly depressing >_<

TL;DR: I suck, didn't study and now I'm stressed. Yay me.

Aaand the current add on this page is creeping me out, it's just, there, saying O_o

Did anybody have a proper weekend that they'd like to share? I think I've forgotten what they're like >_<